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From a Warehouse to Facebook Live

AJ+ Arabi

The client walked into Warehouse Four and loved it, the brick wall in particular. We walked into the space and loved it, especially the white walls that you can do anything with, the rigging, the industrial-sized ACs, the purpose-built toilets, the multi-level flooring… You can see where our eyes differ as we touched on previously.

From the signing of the contract to the social media launch party, we had just over two weeks. A flurry of activity ensued with many meetings: meetings at the venue, meetings in the office, meetings for food tasting. You get the picture.

And the parties involved? Well, that included urbanevents, the ultimate client (AJ+ Arabi), our client (a strategic consultancy), the TV production team, venue managers, AV, caterers, furniture suppliers, transportation providers, printers, TV personalities, musicians…the list goes on and on. We’re used to dealing with all of the different groups of people that it takes to put together a successful event, but this one seemed just a little bit crazier. In a good way.

“Al Jazeera Media Network worked with Urbanevents to help launch AJ+ Arabi as a live event which was broadcasted on social media which had a huge social media engagement footprint from audiences throughout the Middle East. The visual concepts of the venue with attention to detail from Tammy and her team was of a high quality. Attention to detail, understanding the brand value of the event and its importance and to carry out a huge task in a matter of days was something unmatched. The feedback we received from guests and viewers itself is a testament to what Urban Events helped us achieve.”

Hasan Salim Patel
Senior Executive, Communications Department, Al Jazeera Media Network

The outcome was fantastic. Over 100 guests, mostly social media influencers who had been flown in from around the Arab world, took part in the first TV broadcast in the MENA region to be streamed live to Facebook. It was interesting to understand the scenes that had to be created for the TV crew to make their shots translate onto the screen and how we had to work around that to create a real party atmosphere for the guests. There were life-size cut-out figures, a stop-clock with a buzzer, a huge wall projection that showed videos and even a couple of Skype calls, mini shawarmas, lamb koftas, musicians, poets, and the big surprise for the evening, Bassem Youssef!

The scenes were colourful, animated, and vibrant. Check out the pictures for proof!

The Arabic Speaking Game

Dima Khatib & Bassem Youssef


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