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Pop-Up Events: What You Need to Know

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Though the concept has been around for years, pop-up events are growing increasingly popular to help brands generate buzz, launch products, and create a new, exciting experience for customers. As temporary installations, pop-up events can help brands target high traffic areas or new locales that would otherwise be out of reach. But there are a few things to keep in mind when you plan your next pop-up event!

Pop-Up Events Work for (Almost) Any Industry

From pop-up dinners to specialised retail stores, your pop-up event can be simple and straightforward or elaborately extravagant, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking these events only work for certain industries. Pop-up events are about giving people an experience to share. That’s why they work so well for almost any industry. When the focus is on creating an experience, you’re only limited by your imagination…and your budget. Team Urban can help show you how pop-up events can work for you.

We love this pop-up restaurant in Denmark. Local residents would have been pretty surprised to find a huge shipping container left in the middle of their town square. You can imagine their reactions when it opened up to reveal a high-end portable restaurant.

In the UAE, you can find pop-up events like Truckers DXB to fill your stomachs, Market OTB to empty your wallets or a Pepsi Lounge Bowling Alley at SoleDXB (designed by our friend, Amy Hawke) for a bit of fun.

Focus on Your Goal

Are you rolling out a new product line or service? Trying to increase your word-of-mouth marketing? Want to break into a new market? When planning your pop-up event, you need to determine your goal first. Your entire strategy, from where to host your pop-up event to how you’ll manage your social media should support your goal.

Social Media is the Heart of Your Pop-Up Event

One of the best marketing aspects of pop-up events is how social media can fuel your outreach before, during, and after your event. You can reach out to your existing market prior to the event via your social media platforms, and we can help you expand your reach through these same channels. With social media’s instant access, you can build on the buzz during your event with live updating and targeted hashtags, creating digital word-of-mouth advertising. The additional exposure from participants’ retweets, posts, and Instagramming is absolutely priceless. Just make sure you develop an after-event engagement strategy so that you continue to benefit from all your hard work.

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pepsi bowling alley pepsi bar
Image Credits (Left to Right): @pepsi_arabia | @thedailynarcissist