creating unforgettable events

Experience the Six Senses of urbanevents:

See: You’ll usually find us in Dubai, UAE, but you’ll also spot us managing international events.

Hear: Listen to the facts about our turnkey event management style – we’re professional, knowledgeable
and experienced.

Smell: Breathe easy knowing that our top team, partners, suppliers and venues will have your event come out
smelling like roses!

Taste: We deliver everything your bespoke event requires so the only thing you need to worry about is the
taste of sweet success.

Touch: Reach out and make a difference to those around you with top-notch events of all types.

And the elusive Sixth Sense, Extrasensory Perception: No guesswork here as urbanevents’ dynamic team will
always anticipate your needs and work with you in partnership to create excellent events for you and your clients.